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Abolishing Abortion
Abolishing Abortion
Fr. Frank's New Book: Abolishing Abortion, Takes Church and State to Task!

This is not a book for the faint of heart, or those who are looking for an easy way to fight abortion. This is not a book for those who will look to speak up for the unborn, but at the same time to cover themselves either politically or personally. Rather, Fr. Frank Pavone has published a book that is for those who are ready and willing to sacrifice everything to rise up to the most urgent, top priority moral challenge of our day: To end the holocaust of our unborn brothers and sisters being killed by abortion.

The book challenges the state to stop pretending that it has any less duty than to protect all these children from being killed. The book challenges the church to stop making excuses for its inactivity, particularly the excuse that it cannot get involved in politics because it risks losing its tax exemption. The book shatters the mythology behind these excuses. Do not miss this book, which is really a manifesto for the pro-life movement and both asserts principle and advances practical strategies.

The book will be signed by Fr. Frank.

It can also be personalized upon request.
If you would like Fr. Frank to also personalize it to one or more individuals, please indicate the name(s) to whom he should make it out, and indicate if those names are for the same book or different copies.

Suggested Donation $25.00

Below are just some of the praise received so far for Abolishing Abortion….

"Most Americans, confronted with the facts about abortion, find the destruction of unborn human life repellent. Father Frank Pavone has written an eloquent, timely, and eminently practical account of how to take advantage of the horror abortion inspires in order to put an end to it. The book should be read widely and acted upon quickly so that we can put legalized abortion behind us once and for all." -- Russell Shaw, former Secretary for Public Affairs of the US Bishops' Conference

"I have known no better warrior in the fight to protect every human life than Father Pavone. His new book Abolishing Abortion makes the compelling case that the pro-life cause defends the same principles for which our Founding Fathers fought. As they pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor, so must we!"-- Senator Rick Santorum

"Father Pavone insightfully writes that Roe v. Wade didn’t just subvert the principle that no government can authorize the killing of the innocent, it subverted the very government our nation’s Founders created. Abolishing Abortion is about saving lives, but it’s also about saving our republic." -- Governor Mike Huckabee

"We in public office cannot do our job unless the church does her job. I've known Father Frank Pavone for many years and am proud of his work. His latest book is no exception. In "Abolishing Abortion," Father Pavone gives a stirring call to both church and state to protect the unborn. This book is a must for all who want to heed that call!" Governor Sam Brownback of Kansas
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