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For your convenience, we have compiled a special list of Priest Profiles that highlight the heroic activities, inspiring words, and courageous public witness of exceptionally active pro-life priests throughout the country. Be sure to check out this page! (V20N5)

10th Silent No More Canada Gathering (V23N3)

16,433 Children in One Grave (V24N6)

The 2012 Question (V22N01)

25th Anniversary: History of Priests for Life, Part 2: How Can We Help You? (V26N2)

25th Anniversary of Priests for Life – Part 3: Thank you, Mother Angelica! (V26N3)

25 Years of Roe vs. Wade (V7N4)

50th Civil Rights Anniversary Heralds Hope Amid Chaos

A Bitter Pill to be Avoided (V24N5)

A Joyful Season (V18N1)

A Petition to the Media: Show the American People what an Abortion is! (V17N6)

A Challenge: Abortion Deserves Special, Unique Attention (V5N6)

A Distant Thunder (V16N3)

A Letter of Support for the Ministry of Priests for Life (V22N06)

A Mother from the Moment of Conception (V24N03)

A Mother’s Day/Father’s Day Card Is Missing (V24N03) 

A 'No' to Capital Punishment (V5N6)

A Note from the Vatican (V13N2)

A Seven Point Plan for Churches (V14N6)

A Single Stop for Election-Related Materials (V14N6)

A Thought on the Supreme Court Case Whole Woman’s Health vs. Hellerstedt (V26N5)

A Word about Literature Distribution (V14N6)

A Word About Wills and Bequests (V12N6)

Abortifacients…The Other Forbidden Grief (V14N4)

Abolition of the Death Penalty (V9N3)

Abortion and Drug Abuse (V10N2)

Abortion and the Eighth Commandment (V5N3)

Abortion and the General Intercessions (V8N2)

Abortion and the Politician (V9N1)

Abortion: Ask the Right Questions (V5N4)

Abortion as the priority moral concern (V9N5)

Abortion as the Fundamental Issue: Part 1 (V9N3)

Abortion as the Fundamental Issue: Part 2 (V9N4)

Abortion: Fatherhood Lost (V9N4)

Abortion Hurts Women: An Interview with Executive Director, Janet Morana (V19N02)

Abortion Hurts Women--Fr. Richard Hogan (V5N6)

Abortion in the General Intercessions (V17N02)

Abortion Is a Local Phenomenon (V4N2)

Abortion, Justice and Worship (V4N1)

Abortion Promoters: Are They Too Spiritual? (V6N2)

Abortion Promotes Poverty (V10N3)

Abortionists Leaving the Abortion Industry: A Psychiatrist's View (V8N6)

Accept the Whole Christ (V5N5)

Access: The Key to Pro-Life Victory (V8N6)

Action Alerts for (V21N2)

Action Item: Mobilize the Professionals (V12N6)

Action Report of Priests for Life (V4N2)

Addition of New Priest Signals Rapid Expansion of Priests for Life (V10N1)

Advice for parents about teen pregnancy (V12N3)

After 40 Years of Legalized Murder, it’s time to “Recall Abortion” (V23N01)

Against the World for the World: Homily on Mark 10 (V1N4)

A Key Pro-life Activity for Priests: Recruiting (V11N1)

Alternatives to Abortion: Phone Numbers (V4N1)

Alveda King joins Priests for Life Staff (V15N2)

Am I My Brother's Keeper? (V4N4)

Announcing Gospel of Life Ministries (V14N4)

Another Full Time Priest (V8N5)

Answering Pro-Abortion Politicians (V14N3)

The Annunciation: An Important Pro-life Feast (V11N2)

A Pro-life Gift to Your People (V11N2)

Aren't all priests "for life"? (V11N3)

Are You an Innocent Bystander?--Deacon Garrett Caraway (V6N1)

Are you tuning in to The Gospel of Life on Radio Maria? (V26N6)

Associate Director Travels the Nation on Behalf of Life--Fr. Richard Hogan (V8N3)

Associate Director Visits New Orleans Chapter--Fr. Richard Hogan (V6N5)

Attention, Adopters! (V3N1)

Babies Discarded Like Trash (V18N04)

Baby Joseph (V21N03)

Baby Joseph Back Home: No Tubes, No Machines (V21N4)

Baby steps to buiding a culture of life (V23N3)

Be A Lay Affiliate of the Missionaries of the Gospel of Life (V16N3)

Be a part of our legacy family (V23N3)

Bearing Christ, the Author of Life (V9N1)

Beatification In Rome Gives Encouragement To Pro-Life Activists--Fr. Robert Cox (V4N4)

Believe, Teach and Practice (V15N3)

Best Day of My Life---Mark Swendsen (V3N1)

Beware Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) (V2N1)

Biblical Launching Points for Pro-Life Preaching (V17N1)

Biblical Launching Points for Pro-Life Preaching (V17N2)

Bishop Permits Fr. Pavone to Found New Society (V15N3)

Bishop Wuerl on the Priest and Pro-Life (V12N6)

Bishops' Pastoral Plan Calls For Pro-life Petitions at Every Mass (V12N2)

Blessed Margaret of Castello (V1N1)

Blessed Margaret of Castello (V20N2)

Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta and her request of Priests for Life (V14N1)

Blessed Sacrament Brought to Abortion Mill (V4N1)

Board of Advisors (V9N5)

Book of Remembrance (V11N3)

Bryan Kemper and Stand True Join Priests for Life (V21N4)

Bryan Kemper: Youth are on fire for life! (V23N01)

Bulletin Inserts (V9N6)

Bulletin Inserts (V10N1)

Bulletin Inserts (V10N2)

Bulletin Inserts (V10N4)

Bulletin Inserts (V10N5)

Bulletin Inserts (V11N4)

Bulletin Inserts (V11N5)

Bulletin Inserts for Elections, Ascension, Pentecost (V10N3)

Bulletin Inserts Save Two Lives (V3N1)

Bulletin Inserts in Spanish (V13N3)

Bulletin Inserts in Spanish (V13N4)

Bulletin Inserts in Spanish (V14N2)

Bulletin Inserts in Spanish (V14N3)

Bulletin Inserts in Spanish (V14N5)

Bulletin Item in Spanish for the 30th Anniversary of Roe V. Wade (V13N1)

California's Proposed Death with Dignity Initiative (V2N1)

Calling All Deacons (V7N3)

Calling All Parish Respect Life Coordinators (V14N1)

Calling All Priests: Please Sign Statement (V13N1)

Calling All Heralds: Deacons for Life (V18N06)

Cardinal Advisors Encourage Priests for Life (V25N05)

Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, Archbishop of Vienna, Visits Priests For Life Headquarters V20N03)

Cardinal John O’Connor Institute for the Pro-life Training of the Clergy (V24N02)

Cardinal Lopez-Trujillo Called Home to God (V18N04)

Cardinal Renato Martino joins Board of Priests for Life, Comments on Voting (V14N5)

Catalog of Resources (V13N1)

Catholic Parishes to Pray for Closing of Abortuaries (V13N3)

Caught in Hypocrisy--Fr. James Heyd (V5N3)

Celebrating the Annunciation (V13N2)

Charitable Remainder Trusts (V12N6)

Chastity Education: Getting to the Root of the Problem--Mary Beth Bonacci (V1N3)

Chicago Archdiocese Welcomes Fr. Frank Pavone (V23N6)

Chicago Priests for Life--Fr. James F. Heyd (V6N6)

Christmas for the unborn (V26N6)

The Church and the Democrats (V19N01)

Churches, Tax Exemption, and Politics: Part One (V24N02)

Churches, Tax Exemption, and Politics: Part Two (V24N03)

Churches, Tax Exemption, and Politics: Part Three (V24N04)

Churches, Tax Exemption, and Politics: Part Four (V24N05)

Church Focuses on Family and Life (V24N04)

Clergy and Seminarian Training offered worldwide by Priests for Life and Rachel’s Vineyard (V16N04)

Clergy Seminars (V10N5)

Clerical Contraception (V18N3)

Coming to Your Community (V9N3)

Coming to Your Community (V15N2)

Commission Your Respect Life Group (V15N1)

Comparing the Numbers: Abortion and Capital Punishment (V9N6)

Connect with us on Social Media! (V26N02)

Conscientious Objection (V12N3)

Consistent Ethic: Specific Agenda (V4N1)

Contact with the Mother or Father of your Aborted Child after Healing (V16N05)

Continued Reflection on the Crucial Importance of the Abortion Issue (V10N1)

Contraception and the Culture of Life: The Natural Family Planning Outreach Office (V11N5)

Counseling tips: Helping People Choose Life, Not Abortion (V12N4)

Counseling Tips: I'm Pregnant, But My Child is Not Expected to Live (V12N6)

Ciudadanía (Bishops speak on citizenship) (V16N05)

Dana's Song Gives Priest Life (V9N1)

Day of Remembrance (V24N4)

December Brings Special Pro-Life Feasts (V16N06)

Denouncing Violence (V9N2)

Discussing Euthanasia (V5N4)

Deacons for Life and Family (V7N5)

Deacons in the Service of Life (V11N3)

Deadlines for Voter Registration (V14N4)

December Brings Special Pro-Life Feasts (V17N6)

Defending Life from All Threats (Pope John Paul II) (V1N2)

Democrats for Life (V9N2)

Democrats for Life (V9N3)

Divine Mercy (V13N4)

Does the Church Have Something to Hide? (V24N1)

Dr. Joseph Stanton Pro-life Library (V7N6)

Dr. Nathanson and Priests for Life (V21N3)

Dr. Seuss and Pro-Life (V3N1)

Educational Points on RU-486 (V5N5)

Educational Tools for Election Season (V10N4)

Elections 2006 (V15N6)

Elections 2012: Legitimate “Overthrow” of Governments (V22N5)

Elections 2016 (V26N1)

Elections 2016 -- We are Raising Up an Army! (V26N2)

Elections 2016! (V26N3)

Election Reflections: Pro-Lifers Still Win (V17N1)

Elections, Again!!! (V11N3)

Elections and the Church Parking Lot (V14N2)

The Elections and the Consistent Ethic (V10N4)

Election Year: What's A Priest to Do? (V6N3)

Encouragement from the Pews (V4N2)

Encyclical Addresses Environment and Life (V25N05)

Ending Abortion; Not Just Fighting It (V17N4)

Ending Abortion the Church's Way Part 1 (V18N3)

Ending Abortion the Church's Way Part 2 (V18N4)

Ending Abortion the Church's Way Part 3: Prayer and Politics Do Mix! (V18N5)

Ending Abortion the Church's Way Part 4: Bishops and the Movement (V18N6)

Eucharistic Citizenship (V13N5)

Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide: Counteract the Myths! (V6N2)

Euthanasia: Talking Tips for Homilies (V9N5)

Evangelist Alveda King Intensifies Her Mission With Priests for Life (V26N5)

Evangelizing Abortion Survivors (V12N2)

Everyone Against Abortion, Please Raise Your Hand (V19N03)

EWTN Series on Elections (V14N5)

Expose the Evil (V16N2)

Expelling Planned Parenthood from School (V12N5)

Eye Has Not Seen: Guest article by Bishop James Timlin (V7N4)

If You Consider God the Master of Your Fate (V6N1)

Facebook Live: A Revolution in Pro-life Broadcasting  (v27N1)

Faithful Christians, Faithful Citizens (V14N6)

Famous Website (V10N5)

Father, I Confess I Had an Abortion (V6N4)

Fatherhood Forever (V23N5)

Fr. Mark Clarke, CMF joins Priests for Life for full-time ministry (V15N4)

Feedback On Our Work (V9N6)

Fetal Parts (V10N1)

Florida Priest Sets Pro-Life Example (Fr. O' Doherty) (V5N3)

A Former Pro-Choicer (V10N2)

Fr. Frank is now broadcasting online (V23N2)

Fr. Frank Pavone Confirms Former 'Jane Roe' of Roe vs. Wade (V8N6)

Fr. Frank Pavone Honored by National Right to Life and Protested by Pro-Abortion Groups (V11N4)

Fr. Frank Pavone’s New Book: Abolishing Abortion, Takes Church and State to Task! (V25N4)

Fr. Frank to present Pro-life Award to Pam Tebow in Washington on March for Life Day (V26N6)

Fr. James Heyd Newest Full-Time Priest-Associate of Priests for Life (V15N6)

Fr. Pavone Calls Priests to Devote Themselves Full time to the Unborn (V23N3)

Fr. Pavone visits Mother Teresa in Calcutta and Bring Home Special Message to Priests (V4N3)

Fr. Pavone Meets with Speaker Gingrich and Members of Congress (V6N3)

Fr. Pavone Releases New Book on Preaching on Abortion (V26N02)

Fr. Spitzer Advises on How to Talk About Euthanasia (V9N4)

Fr. Thomas Keller- Priest Profile (V5N6)

For New MEVs, Saving the Unborn is 'Our Purpose in Life' (V22N3)

Fostering Faithful Citizenship: A Statement for Priests to Sign (V13N6)

Free Speech in Churches (V13N3)

Freedom of Conscience (V22N2)

Frequently Asked Questions About PFL (V17N3)

Frequently Asked Questions About PFL (V17N4)

Frequently Asked Questions About PFL (V17N5)

Frequently Asked Questions About PFL (V17N6)

Frequently Asked Questions About PFL (V18N1)

From Horror to Hope: An Abortion Survivors Story (V22N2)

From the Director-Encouragement in Troubled Times (V7N1)

From the Director-Encouragement in Troubled Times (V6N6)

From the Director: New Abortion Rhetoric: God and Conscience (V6N1)

From the Pulpit to the Street (V5N5)

Gabriel Project (V10N2)

Gabriel Project: Offering Mothers Hope (V8N5)

Gabriel Project: We are here to help you (V9N3)

Gearing up for Commencement! (V15N2)

Gearing Up for September! (V11N4)

General Intercessions for Elections, Ascension, Pentecost (V10N3)

General Intercessions for the Sundays of Lent (V10N1)

General intercessions on abortion (V9N4)

Get out the Vote! (V10N6)

Gospel of Life Communications Is Formed (V8N6)

Graduation (V18N3)

Graphic Images Have an Impact (V19N02)

Guidance for the Election (V26N4)

Happy Anniversary, Evangelium Vitae! (V15N2)

Happy Anniversary to Fr. Frank! (V8N6)

Have You Commissioned Your Respect Life Group? (V6N1)

Healing in and Through the Church (V25N1)

Healing the African-American Community (V25N1)

Healing the Shockwaves of Abortion (V25N1)

Healing the Shockwaves of Abortion (V25N2)

Healing the Shockwaves of Abortion: Third Year of Project begins (V26N6)

Help for Preaching (V10N1)

Help Not Just In the Bulletin, But On the Bulletin (V9N1)

Help us help more priests (V23N3)

Helpful Guidelines Issued Regarding Political Activity (V6N4)

Hispanic Outreach of Priests for Life (V24N05)

Hispanic Outreach Stretches Across the Globe (V22N5)

Historic National Prayer Service: You Are Invited (V23N6)

Historic TV Series Now Airing! (V14N6)

Holy Apostles College and Seminarym (V12N5)

The Holy Father to Pro-Life Leaders (V1N4)

The Holy Hands of Holy Orders (V6N6)

Holy Spirit, 1998 Reflections on

Homily: Abortion, the Opposite of Love (V5N5)

Homily: Accept The Whole Christ (V5N4)

Homily: Choose to Be Holy (V1N2)

Homily Excerpts from Respect Life Sunday (V4N1)

Homily: Excerpts of Fr. David Konderla at Respect Life Mass, Austin, TX (V9N1)

Homily Helps (V10N6)

Homily Hints: Dying You Destroyed Our Death (V8N5)

Homily Hints: The Eye of the Storm-Fr. Tony Lehmann, SJ (V7N2)

Homily Hints: Golden Rule, Good Samaritans, and Eucharist (V3N1)

Homily Hints: Interfering (V6N6)

Homily Hints: Reflections on Humanae Vitae 30 Years Later (V8N3)

Homily Hints: The Trinity, Grace and Abortion (V6N5)

Homily Hints: Unmasking Distinctions (V5N1)

Homily: Lazarus of the 20th Century (V4N2)

Homily on Pro-Life during the Easter Season (V6N2)

Homily: Out of the Mouths of Babes You Have Fashioned Praise (V1N3)

Homily: Put Down Your Cross and Follow Yourself (V6N4)

Homily Starters for Respect Life Month (V7N5)

Homily: Symptoms of the Culture of Death (V1N1)

How Did Priests for Life Start? (V11N1)

How Pastors Can Save Lives (V9N4)

How to Get People to the Polls (V22N5)

Humanae Vitae Almost 40 Years Later (V17N6)

I am A Man (V12N1)

I Could Smell the Babies Burning (V5N2)

I Thought All Priests Were 'For Life'! (V3N1)

Impact of Planned Parenthood Videos on Those Who Have Had Abortions (V25N6)

The Importance of the Abortion Issue to Voters (V10N5)

Incest Victim Chooses Life (V6N6)

Intercessions for Advent in Spanish (V13N6)

International Expansion of Priests for Life (V19N03)

Invite us to Preach a Weekend at Your Parish (V23N5)

Is It Enough to Reduce Abortions? (V6N2)

“Is This What You Mean?” Project: The Abortion Procedure Revealed – A Challenge to Politicians and Voters (V18N04)

Isn't Every Priests for Life? (V17N02)

Isn't 'Priests For Life' superfluous, unnecessary, even divisive? Isn't every priest 'For Life'? (V6N2)

Jailed Priest's Reflections for his Brother Priests (V4N2)

January 22, 2013: 40th Commemoration of Roe v. Wade

“Jesus…What Have I Done?” (V23N01)

Pope John Paul II Bioethics Commission (V21N5)

Join the Fight Against RU-486 (V6N3)

Join Priests for Life and the Holy Father for a Day of Life! (V23N01)

Join us in asking: Should this be legal? (v24n4)

Jubilee Year of Divine Mercy: It’s all about Life (V25N3)

Judges (V15N2)

Judge William Clark Joins Missionaries of the Gospel of Life (V17N4)

Judicial Activism (V11N4)

Juneteenth (V22N3)

Keep the Pedagogical Advantage (V16N4)

Keep up with Fr. Frank and our Team: Blogs and E-books (V22N5)

Lenten Preaching on Life (V13N2) 

Let's Face Our Fears About Abortion, Part 1 (V4N1)

Let's Face Our Fears, Part 2 (V4N2)

Let's Face Our Fears, Part 3 (V4N3)

Let's Face Our Fears, Part 4 (V4N4)

Let's Face Our Fears, Part 5 (V5N1)

Let's Face Our Fears, Part 6 (V5N2)

Letter for Priests to Sign (V13N1)

Letter from Fr. Lee Kaylor, Founder of Priests for Life (V11N3)

Letter from Priests on Consistent Ethic of Life (V9N3)

Letter of Support for the Ministry of Priests for Life (V23N6)

Life Chains (V1N1)

Life-Giving Alternatives (V10N1)

Link to our Website! (V15N6)

Little Star (V21N6)

Liturgical Resources (V9N6)

Living Wills (V5N2)

Long-time Priests for Life Legislative Strategy Enacted! (V25N3)

Make PFL Your Full-Time or Part-Time Ministry (V17N03)

Making Pro-Life Preparations for the Year 2000 (V5N1)

Mark Your Calendar: March 25 in Washington (V12N6)

Marriage Preparation and Abortion (V16N01)

Message from the Director: Pregnancy Hotline Numbers (V10N1)

A Message of Hope after Abortion (V7N6)

A Ministry of Encouragement: Priests for Life, the Bishops, and Pro-life Projects (V12N1)

Missionaries of the Gospel of Life Lay Association (V16N4)

The Mission of Priests for Life (V14N4)

Moral Guidance for End-of-Life Decisions (V15N4)

More Bishops Join Priests for Life Board (V21N4)

More Dioceses Host Priests for Life (V6N6)

More Full-time Priests Join Priests for Life Staff (V8N4)

More on the Doctrinal Note from the Vatican (V13N3)

More Tools for Victory (V8N6)

The Most Marginalized Member of the Political Community (V10N4)

Mother Teresa and Priests for Life (V7N6)

Mother Teresa and the Pro-life Movement: Preparing for her Canonization, September 4 (V26N4)

Naming the Gosnell Babies (V23N4)

National Christian Voter Registration Sundays (V13N4)

National Day of Prayer (May 6): An Interview with Shirley Dobson (V14N1)

National Day of Remembrance (V23N4)

National Youth Day (V4N1)

New Audio-tapes available! (V11N6)

New Bishops' Statement (V11N1)

New Book on Preaching About Abortion! (V26N3)

New Defending Life Series (V9N2)

New Evangelization and Child Killing (V22N1)

New Footage of the Pre-born (V6N4)

New Items from Priests for Life (V12N2)

New Priests for Life Leadership and Publicity (V3N1)

A New Resource (V10N2)

New Resource for Youth: Computer Game on Life and Chastity (V9N1)

Not just a book -- A Pro-life Manifesto! (V25N3)

November Shockwaves Theme: Helping Pro-life Activists Grieve the Lives they Could Not Save (V25N6)

Number One Issue (V14N6)

The Nurturing Network (V1N4)

Obama’s inaugural gesture was ironic, not symbolic (V23N2)

On Marriage and the Gift of Life (V1N3)

One Picture is Worth Ten Thousand Words (V7N2)

Open Letter to a Catholic Politician (V1N2)

Oral Contraceptives or Abortifacients: Evidence That Requires a Conclusion (V1N4)

Our Lady of Guadalupe: Patroness of the Unborn (V1N2)

Operation Jericho: Offering Mothers Healing (V8N5)

Our Legislative Priority: Stop Abortions in the Last Four Months of Pregnancy (V24N1)

Our Priests Are Ready to Help Your Priests (V9N1)

Our Website (V8N2)

Outreach to Seminarians (V11N3)

PFL Receives Cardinal Mahony's Endorsement (V4N3)

Parish Education Program (V14N4)

Partner with the Silent No More Awareness Campaign (V22N1)

Pastoral Notes: Making Connections: A way to raise awareness of the harm of Abortion (V11N6)

Pastors Commission Your Respect Life Group (V10N4)

Persuading People that Rape Does Not Justify Abortion (V9N2)

Physician-Assisted Suicide Must Not Spread (V5N1)

Pilgrimages for Mary and Life (V7N5)

Plan to attend the National Memorial for the Pre-born and Their Mothers and Fathers(V15N1)

Planned Parenthood Sells Body Parts of the Babies it Kills (V25N05)

Planning for Next Year's Parish and School Schedule (V12N3)

Please Put a Life-Saving Number on your Bulletin (V12N1)

Politicians, Communion and the Unborn (V16N2)

Pope and Patriarch Call For Defense of the Unborn (V26N02)

Pope Francis and the Wounds of the Babies (V25N05)

Pope Francis on our Vulnerable Unborn Brothers and Sisters (V24N02)

Pope Francis, the Jubilee of Tears, and Abortion (V26N5)

Pope Recalls Meeting Former Abortionist (V24N04)

Positive Signs (V8N6)

Possible Bulletin Insert Material (V9N5)

Post-Abortion Healing: Who We are is How We Heal (V19N04)

Powerful Parish Project: Project Truth (V4N1)

Proud of our Movement's Protests (V25N6)

Pray PP (V26N1)

Prayer Novena for America (V14N5)

Prayer of the Pilgrim Church: That They May Have Life (Archbishop John Quinn) (V3N1)

Praying for Life (V1N2)

Preach Forgiveness-Bishop George Lynch (V5N2)

Preaching on Abortion in Lent and Easter (V11N2)

Preaching on Abortion in the Easter Season (V10N2)

Preaching on Euthanasia (V8N2)

Preaching to Children on Abortion (V6N3)

Preaching to the Choir? (V5N5)

Pregnancy: She is not expecting a child! (V5N4)

Priests for Life announces protocol to save babies from RU-486 (V25N3)

Priests for Life Medical Advisory Testifies Before Congressional Committee (V26N1)

Priests for Life Pushes Pain Capable Bill (V25N4)

Priests for Life To Hold Major Pro-life Event at World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia (V25N3)

Priests for Life to lead Catholic Outreach for 2016 Election (V25N6)

Priests for Life Welcomes Additional Full-time Priest (V25N4)

Priest Ministering in the Era of Choice (V1N3)

Priest Profile: Fr. David Begany (V25N3)

Priest Profile: Fr. Peter Pilsner (V20N6)

Priest Profile: Fr. Samuel J. Aquila (V11N4) 

Priest Profile: Fr. John Bonnici (V8N2)

Priest Profile: Fr. Eugene C. Brissette (V6N6)

Priest Profile: Fr. Charles Brooks (V8N3)

Priest Profile: Msgr. John Burke (V6N1)

Priest Profile: Msgr. David L. Cassato (V9N6)

Priest Profile: Rev. John T. Catoir, J.C.D (V13N4)

Priest Profile: Fr. Dennis Day (V10N2)

Priest Profile: Msgr. James Golasinski (V8N4)

Priest Profile: Fr. James E. Goode (V8N1)

Priest Profile: Monsignor Bob Guste (V6N4)

Priest Profile: Msgr. Edward J. Kavanagh (V13N3)

Priest Profile: Fr. Owen Kearns, LC (V13N6)

Priest Profile: Msgr. James P. Lisante (V7N3)

Priest Profile: Fr. Joseph Looney (V12N1)

Priest Profile: Fr. Daniel McCaffrey, S.T.D. (V9N4)

Priest Profile: Fr. Brian Mead (V6N2)

Priest Profile: Fr. Arthur Minichello (V21N2)

Priest Profile: Rev. Jeremiah Nunan (V8N5)

Priest Profile: Fr. Dominick O' Dwyer (V5N5)

Priest Profile: Fr. Leo Prince (V12N3)

Priest Profile: Fr. Robert Rousseau (V7N1)

Priest Profile: Fr. Paul Scalia (V11N2)

Priest Profile: Fr. Robert J. Spitzer, S.J., Ph.D. (V9N3)

Priest Profile: Rev. Charles P. Taaffe (V7N2)

Priests' 40 Days for Life (V18N2)

Priests for Life Accepts Stock Donations (V9N4)

Priests for Life: Active in Wichita (V5N2)

Priests for Life Adds Pastoral Consultant (V21N6)

Priests for Life and a Week of Marching for Life (V23N2)

Priests for Life Announces Major Projects for Abortion Alternatives and Post-Abortion Healing (V8N5)

Priests for Life Associate Director Present for Bill Signings (V14N4)

Priests for Life Broadcasting On Television, Radio and Internet (V15N3)

Priests for Life Case: the "Hobby Lobby" of the Religious Non-Profits (V24N4)

Priests for Life Clergy Seminar (V15N2)

Priests for Life Directors Receive Prominent Awards (V19N02)

Priests for Life, Fr. Pavone Praised in Congress (V22N06)

Priests for Life forms "Vote Pro-Life" Coalition (V20N03)

Priests for Life Holds Press Conference and Places Full Page Ad in NY Times (V10N6)

Priests for Life Commitment Pledge (V7N4)

Priests for Life Defends Pro-lifers' Rights (V5N1)

Priests for Life Episcopal Board of Advisors (V14N4)

Priests for Life Expanding to Larger Headquarters in Florida (V27N1)

Priests for Life Expands Television Outreach to New Audiences (V14N5)

Priests for Life Granted Formal Approval (V1N3)

Priests for Life has initial victory over HHS Mandate (V23N2)

Priests for Life Headquarters Dedicated to Cardinal O'Connor (V10N5)

Priests for Life Headquarters dedicated (V11N5)

Priests for Life helps launch (V23N01)

Priests for Life Holds Groundbreaking for New Community (V16N06)

Priests for Life Holy Hour Videos (V9N2)

Priests for Life is International (V17N5)

Priests for Life Launches Speakers' Bureau (V8N1)

Priests for Life Launches Special Campaign of Daily Prayer to End Abortion (V15N1)

Priests for Life launches youth website (V11N6)

Priests for Life Now Implementing QR Codes (V22N06)

Priests for Life Observes 25TH Anniversary in 2016! (V26N1)

Priests for Life Office Moves to Staten Island (V7N6)

Priests for Life opens Washington, DC Office (V14N4)

Priests for Life Organizes Official National Prayer Service (V23N01)

Priests for Life Phone Directory (V8N3)

Priests for Life Plays Larger Role than ever at March for Life (V23N01)

Priests for Life Praised for Stand Against Capital Punishment (V10N5)

Priests for Life Prayer cards (V8N2)

Priests for Life Present at Supreme Court for Partial-Birth Abortion Arguments (V17N1)

Priests for Life Promotes the Gabriel Project (V9N2)

Priests for Life Puts Abortion Industry on Defensive (V11N6)

Priests for Life Receives Clean Audit (v27N1)

Priests for Life Responds to Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (V7N3)

Priests for Life Supports Congressional Panel on Infant Lives (V26N1)

Priests for Life Survey finds Half of Parishes addressing abortion in Pro-Life Committees (V12N2)

Priests for Life Surveys African Americans on Aborton (V20N5)

Priests for Life To Prepare General Intercessions for Entire Liturgical Cycle (V13N6)

Priests for Life Twentieth Anniversary (V21N3)

Priests for Life - Vatican Collaboration (V22N5)

Priests for Life vs. HHS in Supreme Court with Six Other Cases (V26N3)

Priests for Life Website Enjoys Great Popularity (V7N6)

Priests for Life Welcomes "Faithful Citizenship" (V10N1)

Primaries (V13N6)

Pro-Choice No Longer (V10N3)

Project Genesis-A Clarification--Fr. Richard Hogan (V7N1)

Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity (V22N5)

Pro-Life License Plates (V11N1)

Pro-Life Manifesto Published (V25N05)

Pro-Life Means Pro-Woman (V4N1)

Pro-Life Meditations for Advent and Christmas (V20N6)

Pro-life Message for Masses with Children (V9N4)

A Pro-Life Strategy for the Nineties (V1N1)

Pro-life Symposium a Major Success at World Meeting of Families (V25N6)

Pro-Life Themes for Lent (V6N1)

Pro-Life Themes in the Advent Liturgy (V5N6)

Pro-Life TV Series in Progress! (V5N3)

Promise Keepers (V8N1)

Quiz Yourself:  How Well Do You Know the IRS Regulations? (V16N2)

Quotes from the Bishops’ Pro-life Office and the Vatican on Voting and on the Number One Issue(V14N6)

Quotable Quotes of Encouragement (V4N1)

Quote from Tertullian (V1N2)

Quotes from Abortion Industry Workshops (V14N3)

Quotes from our Bishops (V10N6)

Rachel, Weep No More (V13N6)

Rachel's Vineyard: On The Road (V19N01)

Rachel's Vineyard, Pope Francis and the Jubilee of Mercy (V25N4)

2011Rachel’s Vineyard Record-Breaking Leadership Conference (V21N5)

Raw Judicial Power (V10N1)

Recall Abortion: What About the Life of the Mother? (V23N6)

Receive a Prayer Card touched to the Miraculous Medal that Mother Teresa gave us! (V26N6)

Recommended Reading (V12N6)

Recommended Reading (V13N2)

Re-Defining the Abortion Debate (V21N2)

Reflection on Mary and the Pro-Life Movement (V3N1)

A Reflection on the Sanctity of Human Life (V2N1)

Regular Radio Show (V9N5)

Religious Leaders Stand Up Enthusiastically for Life: 40th Anniversary of Roe Energizes Pro-Life Movement (V23N2)

Rescuer of Elian Gonzalez Speaks Up for Life (V11N4)

Respect Life Month (V7N5)

Rest in Peace, Fr. Richard Hogan (V21N5)

Rest in Peace, Jennifer and Madison (V23N2)

Retired Pastor, Norm Stone, 66, Walking for Life (V23N6)

Reverse the Question (V11N6)

Rhode Island Priest to Work Full Time for Priests for Life (V15N5)

Rio Declaration Issued (V8N1)

The Role of Priests for Life at the March for Life and the Walk for Life (V24N6)

RU 486: Contraceptive, Abortifacient, and Human Pesticide (V2N1)

RU 486 Reversal (V17N4)

Same Old Issue (V5N5)

School's Open: Time to Proclaim Life! (V5N5)

Second World Meeting of the Pope with Families (V7N4)

Self Sacrifice in the Defense of Life (V18N2)

Senator Brownback Points Out How Unsettled "Roe" Is (V16N2)

Sex Has a Price Tag (V11N2)

Should we just focus on abortion? (V16N1)

Should We Talk With Abortionists? (V6N2)

Showing Abortion (V11N4)

Silent No More: A New National Campaign Begins (V13N2)

Silent No More Awareness Campaign Continues to Grow (V14N1)

Silent No More Awareness Campaign Gears Up for January (V21N6)

Silent No More Awareness Campaign: New Spokesperson and Partnering (V22N1)

Silent No More Awareness Campaign Update (V17N03)

Sing a Little Louder (V5N4)

Society of Centurions, The (V25N1)

Solidarity with Women (V13N5)

Spanish Petition for the Easter Season (V13N3)

Spanish Translations (V7N5)

A Special Offer from Priests for Life (V10N5)

Spend the summer doing pro-life work with Priests for Life (V23N3)

Stand True Pro-Life T-Shirts Make an Impact! (V25N05)

Standing With Those We Elected and Working Together (V27N1)

States of Refuge (V22N2)

St Gianna Molla: A Saint for Family and Life (V22N5)

Suggestions for Parish Activities as we observe another Memorial of Roe vs. Wade (V16N1)

Supreme Court Decision Paves Way for Future (V17N04)

Supreme Court Gives Priests for Life A Victory (V26N4)

Supreme Court Grants Review in Priests for Life Case Against the HHS Mandate, along with Six Other Cases (V26N1)

"Suspect" and "Illusory": Pope and American Bishops have strong words for pro-abortion politicians (V14N1)

Teaching on Contraception (V8N2)

Ten Easy Steps to Voting with a Clear Conscience (V16N5)

Tenth Anniversary of Come Aside Retreat (V10N3)

Terri Schiavo (V15N2)

Terri Schiavo and the Role of the Priest(V15N4)

Terri's Day - March 31 (V18N2)

Terri's Day - March 31, 2010 (V20N2)

Thank you Pope Benedict (V23N2)

The D&E Abortion Procedure Diagram (V13N1)

The Dilatation & Evacuation (D&E) Abortion Procedure (V13N1)

The fastest way to end abortion (V15N5)

The Joy of Love (V26N3)

The Streets: We Can Do More Than You Think! (V4N3)

The Theology of Pope John Paul II (V8 N4)

The Virgin Mary and Abortion (V18N3)

This is my Body (V6N3)

Thought-starters (V11N1)

Three Elements for a Pro-Life Homily (V5N3)

Three New Full-Time Priests on Staff (V16N3)

Time to Elect Pro-Life Candidates (V18N5)

To the Editor--Appeared in the Pittsburgh Catholic, 10/7/94--Fr. Joseph Luisi and Fr. Richard Infante (V5N3)

Too Non-Partisan for our Own Good? (V26N4)

Translators Needed (V8N2)

Travels: By Land, Air, and Sea! (V7N1)

Twelve Make Promises to Defend Life as Missionaries of the Gospel of Life Expands (V17N5)

Two Crucial Prayer Campaigns (V26N02)

Two Pastors Come into Catholic Church and onto Priests for Life Staff! (V14N2)

Two Powerful Poems (V7N1)

The Unborn: Poor and Marginalized (V9N6)

Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948-1998 (V8N3)

Unto Us . . . A Poem by Spike Milligan (V2N1)

Upcoming Events (V10N3)

Update from Chicago Priests for Life Chapter (V4N1)

Update from the Director (V14N3)

US Bishops Announce New Pastoral Plan (V12N1)

US Bishops Document on Faithful Citizenship (V18N1)

Use Your Parish Website and Bulletin to Save Lives (V17N02)

A Useful Resource (V10N1)

Vatican Archbishop: Do Not Turn Blind Eye to Abortion (V23N3)

Vatican Strengthens Ties With Priests for Life, Now an International Effort (V7N2)

Victories in Communication (V8N6)

Visit (V6N4)

Visual Learning and the Culture of Life (V16N4)

Vocations to Pro-Life Ministry for Priests and Laity! (V17N04)


Voter Registration Sundays (V20N4)

Voter Registration Sundays 2012 (V22N3)

Voter Registration -- All Year, Every Year (V15N5)

Want a Summer of Pro-Life Work?  Join the White Rose Pro-Life Summer Project (V22N3)

We Are Winning the Pro-Life Battle (V8N6)

We celebrate the end of slavery, but the unborn are still not free (V23N3)

Wear the Pink and Blue (V2N1)

Welcome, Fr. Hogan! (V5N4)

What Can a Busy Priest Do to Assist the Pro-Life Effort? (V9N5)

What is the Church supposed to say as elections approach? (V26N5)

What Is the Pontifical Council for the Family? (V7N3)

What should our response be to the Supreme Court’s Partial-birth Abortion decision? (V17N03)

What to Do as Elections Approach (V10N3)

Who We are and What We Do (V24N6)

Why Are the US Senate Elections Important? (V24N05)

Why Recall Abortion? (V23N2)

Why Recall Abortion? Part 2 (V23N4)

Why We Can’t "Agree to Disagree" (V9N6)

Will to Live, Not Living Will (V23n5)

Wills and Bequests (V9N2)

Wishful Thinking: A Reflection on RU-486 (V11N2)

Won By Love: A Book you should read!!

Words are not enough (V11N3)

Words from Cardinal Keeler (V10N5)

Words from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (V11N5)

Words from other leaders (V11N5)

Words from our Shepherds (V7N6)

Words from our Shepherds (V11N6)

Words from the International Director (V8N1)

Words of Encouragement from our Shepherds (V11N4)

Words of Praise From Our Board (V7N2)

Year of the Eucharist (V14N5)

Yes, It's Legal to do Voter Registration! (V13N6)

Yes, You Can Do Something About Elections! (V12N3)

You Can Help Stop Forced Abortions (V20N5)

You May Not Believe This: Abortionist Admits Act of Dismemberment & Destruction (V4N2)

You Wouldn't Even Ask (V14N3)

You're Never Too Old to Save a Life (V7N5)

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