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Lenten Mission

Saturday, February 27th, 2016

I am giving a Lenten Mission this coming week here in ABQ at the Shrine of St Bernadette on Indian School between Eubank Blvd and Juan Tabo Blvd.


Here is the schedule!

Sunday Night February 28th; 7 pm conference: The Prodigal Son; the merciful Father!
Monday Night February 29th; 7 pm conference: Lenten Mercy in Scriptures.                          Veneration of a Relic of True Cross
Tuesday Night March 1st; 7 pm conference: Lenten Mercy in the Saints.                                Healing Oil of Padre Pio
Wednesday Night March 2nd; 7 pm conference with Eucharistic adoration: The Eucharist; source of our salvation!

Conferences will last 1 hour including questions and answers.

Divine Mercy Chaplet will be recited at 6:30 pm each night. Confessions also at 6:30 pm and throughout the night. Come join us. Everyone is welcome!

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Fr Imbarrato in Washington DC this week

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

Fr Stephen Imbarrato, Priest Associate of Priests for Life, is planning a few events this week in the Greater Washington DC area and is inviting everyone in the area to join him. Here is the schedule.

This Wednesday Evening 2/24: 6 pm – 7 pm; Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood is hosting a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton at the Arlington Rooftop Grille (2424 Wilson Blvd Arlington, VA.) We will have some signs. Feel free to bring your own (and bring a large bag of Doritos or a Lamborghini if you own one!). Seriously we will have signs or please make your own Planned Parenthood sign.

This Thursday 2/25: Father Stephen will lead 2 prayers vigils!!!!!!
Noon (12 pm – 1 pm) at the DC Planned Parenthood 1225 4th St NE, Washington DC: This is the new under construction mega PP! Please join us during your lunch period to pray that this killing center is never completed.

6:00 pm- 7:00 pm: Steps of the Supreme Court: With important cases coming up in March including our Priests for Life case against the HHS Mandate, the Texas Abortion bill case, and in light of the Court vacancy from the death of Justice Scalia, constant pray at the Supreme Court is imperative. Join us Thursday evening.

We are also planning an additional protest tomorrow, Wednesday 2/24 during the day in Vienna, Va. of the contractor who is building the Planned Parenthood in DC…a Catholic man who is denying his faith and his Bishop. If you can join us, please email me or Larry Cirignano at and we will give you the time and place. PLEASE JOIN US!

If you have any questions about any of these events or need more info, please email us at or Larry Cirignano at

Thank you! God bless you, and I hope to see you this week.

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