Kansas Defunds Planned Parenthood; Where is New Mexico?

How many states have now defunded Planned Parenthood? 6? 7? More?
According to an article in the Daily Caller (see link below), “Republican Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback (who is receiving an award this Friday at our Priests For Life Washington DC Prayer Memorial) announced Tuesday at his State of the State address that he ordered the Kansas health secretary to stop all Medicaid payments to Planned Parenthood.”


Meanwhile in my home state of NEW MEXICO, our Governor, Susana Martinez, who says she is pro-life, continues to show she is more concerned about her political future than the babies who are dying in her state…complete silence and complete inaction…no investigation of Planned Parenthood, no influence on the Regents of University of New Mexico (UNM is the heart of the abortion industry in NM), no concerns about the abortion industry in her state at all.

I cannot, for the life of me, after 5 years of her silence and inaction, understand how there are pro-lifers in our state of NM who still support her. This is madness! Look around and see what other pro-life governors are doing! Then look at our state, the Late Term Abortion Capital of the Country, and recognize the silence and inaction for what it is! COMPLICITY! Our Governor is complicit! She is condoning what is going on in our state. And more and more pro-lifers are criticizing me for trying to hold her accountable? Criticizing me for stating that we should be proposing pro-life legislation that does not include rape, incest, and health exceptions? Criticizing me because I think that the Governor should use her bully pulpit to decry the expansion and tactics of the NM abortion industry? Because I think she should be calling on the Regents of UNM to investigate the abortion industry which they are condoning and fostering…with NM tax dollars?

The 2016 NM legislative session is starting! There are bills being proposed that finance reproductive health. (SB 26; SB 28). There is a bill that “seems” to set up another legislative hoop for pro-life legislation to jump through. (HB 102). These must be defeated if they are as they seem.

Where is the pro-life legislation? If there is ANY non-finance legislation on the call…even one non-finance bill…it should be a 20 week abortion ban with no exceptions! It should be introduced and passage should be demanded by the Governor, by every pro-life activist and legislator, and by every Catholic legislator and leader in the state. It is time for action and the time for silence is over! We need to stand up for our brothers and sisters in the womb and stop putting politics before their precious lives!


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