Dear Friends of Life, Welcome to another edition of Frontlines!

January 25, 2013 March for Life Events

We're here with thousands of our closest friends at the March for Life Rally followed by the March to the Supreme Court building on Capitol Hill.

Follow us as we pray, talk, and March during this weeks events in DC for the March for Life in this 40th year since Roe v Wade. 40 years is too long - let us pray to end abortion NOW!


Father Pavone receives a blessing from a brother priest.

National Pro-Life Recognition Award presented to Reggie Littlejohn.

Father Frank Pavone saying Mass before the National Memorial Prayer Service.

Janet continues to inspire the crowds at the March.

A church that is silent about abortion is a church that is silent about the gospel.

Father Pavone blesses a guitar at the Basilica. Bless the music that comes from this guitar, O Lord, and lead your people to Life.

The time is finally here. The March for Life is beginning and thousands upon thousands have gathered in Washington, DC for the 40th Commemoration of Roe vs. Wade and to show the nation that life is precious and must be protected.

Janet Morana being interviewed with Teresa Tomeo

Father Frank Pavone addresses the crowds at the March for Life.

Today we March for Life.

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