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Day 7: Janet Morana in the Holy Land

Janet Morana is on a Footprints of God Pilgrimage to the Holy Land from April 22-May 1, 2012. She is joined by Catholic Radio's Teresa Tomeo and led by Catholic author, speaker and Holy Land guide, Steve Ray.

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Beginning the Stations of the cross on the Via Dolorosa

Third Station, Jesus falls for the first time.

Holy Sepulchre Church. Inside this Church are the places where Jesus was crucified, His body prepared for burial and the empty tomb from which He rose from the dead!

Looking down from Calvary, slab on which Jesus's body laid while it was prepared for burial.

This is the site of Jesus's crucifixion. Under this altar you venerate and touch the spot where Jesus was crucified.

The Altar.

Scourging at the pilar. This is the pilar that Jesus was chained to to be whipped.

The entrance to the tomb.

Janet praying in front if statue of St. Anne & Blessed Mother. This is where Mary was born.

Looking over cemetery where Oscar Schindler was buried.

Church of St Stephen. This is where St. Stephen was stoned to death.

Inside Church of St. Stephen.

St Dominic.

Strawberries inside market in the old city of Jerusalem.


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