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Fr. Scott Daniels, OP, Plans, Prays and Preaches in Richmond, VA - June 2011

It was a weekend of planning, praying, and preaching for Fr. Scott in the Richmond, Virginia area.

Arriving Friday in Clarksville, Fr. Scott’s work began on Saturday when Mrs. Margaret Ryan Marcenelle drove him to Richmond for a meeting held at the Office of the Commonwealth Catholic Charities and sponsored by the Respect Life Commission of the Office of Justice and Peace.  The Commission met to discuss a plan for a finalized mission statement and vision statement.  Fr. Scott described those present as “animated, organized and on fire with the love of God.”

Returning to Clarksville, Fr. Scott presided and preached at the 5:00 pm Mass at St. Paschal’s in South Boston.  On Sunday, he offered Masses at Good Shepherd Parish in South Hill and at St. Catherine’s in Clarksville.  As it was the weekend of the Feast of Pentecost, Fr. Scott’s homilies focused on the Holy Spirit as being “the animative principal of the Church like the human soul is the animative principal of the body.”  He noted that “God’s Spirit is the very source of our generation into being out of nothingness” and that “we diminish the life of God within us” when we deprive other persons of their lives.


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