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Fr. Frank Pavone travels to Memphis for pro-life events - September 2010

Saturday, Sept 18 to Sunday, Sept 19, 2010              

Fr. Frank Pavone

Preaching at St Michaels, speak at fundraising dinner, and speak at 40 days for Life Kick off Rally, Memphis, TN 

Saturday, Sept 18, 2010

9:00AM CT Fr. Frank is celebrant and homilist at Pro-life Mass at St Michael Catholic Church in Memphis, TN. 

10:00 – 11:00 AM  Fr. Frank gives pro-life talk at St Michael Church. 

12noon -- Lunch with local pro-life leaders 

1:15PM  Fr. Frank has tour and  blesses Birthright Crisis Pregnancy Center, Memphis, TN.  

1:45PM Fr. Frank has tour and blesses Life Choices Crisis Pregnancy Center, Memphis, TN. 

4:00PM Fr. Frank celebrates and preaches homily at St Michael Catholic Church Vigil Mass, Memphis, TN 

Dinner with local priests 

Sunday, Sept 19, 2010 

8:00AM  Fr. Frank preaches homily at St Michael Catholic Church  

11:00AM  Fr. Frank preaches homily at St Michael Catholic Church

Fr. Frank Pavone speaking to a Church Congregation

Fr. Scott Daniels, OP

Fr. Pavone and Fr. Scott with St. Benedict High School Teens for Life Memphis, TN

St. Benedict Teens for Life

Dr. Alveda King

Jerry Horn

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