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Fr. Scott Daniels, O.P. in Wisconsin - September 2010

Fr. Scott Daniels
September 2-7, 2010

As September began in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, people not only got ready for the start of football season, they went out to hear Fr. Scott Daniels at St. Caecilia’s Parish.  As the keynote speaker for Thursday night’s Respect Life Committee event, Fr. Daniels gave an uplifting update on the pro-life movement, including news on the Second Pro-Life Freedom Ride to take place in Tennessee.

During the weekend, Fr. Daniels preached at six Masses, stressing the vital importance of placing God first in our lives.  He noted that if possessions and the world’s distractions take precedence, then our very being cannot rest or be directed towards its ultimate fulfillment.  Obedience to God honors His order of things so that all other relationships will be fruitful and bear authentic witness to the Goodness and Truth that God Himself is.  The response to Fr. Daniels’ message was an overwhelming affirmation of God’s gift of life.


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