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Fr. Scott Daniels, OP visits thriving community in Jackson, TN - August 28-30, 2010

On the last weekend in August, Fr. Scott Daniels drove to Jackson, Tennessee to preach the Masses at St. Mary’s Parish and speak with and celebrate Mass with the student body of Sacred Heart High School.

In his homilies for the weekend, Fr. Scott reflected on humility, which quickly comes to mind when we remember the given order of our existence – that God is God and we are His creation.  He noted that when we forget who each and every one of us is, a unique creation of God, disregard for life creeps in and this disregard ultimately leads to the massacre of innocents, from abortion to euthanasia.

Fr. Scott found in Jackson a thriving pro-life community led by Monsignor Thomas Kirk, his associate Fr. Robert Favazza, and a vibrant Respect Life group coordinated by Mrs. Cindy Saia.  In reflecting on the many great experiences he had at St. Mary’s, Fr. Scott concluded, “We must go back there!”


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