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Freedom Ride prayer vigil at Planned Parenthood - July 24, 2010

The Freedom Riders held a prayer vigil outside of Planned Parenthood in Birmingham, AL

Fr Frank Pavone, Janet Morana, Leslie Davis & Jacquie Stalnaker before boarding the ProLife Freedom Ride bus.

Janet Morana, Leslie Davis & Jacquie Stalnaker in front of Planned Parenthood in Birmingham

"We want to be biblically correct, not politically correct," Rev. Stephen Broden

Janet Morana talks about the Silent No More Awareness Campaign.

Fr Frank Pavone in front of the ProLife Freedom Ride bus.

Father Pavone welcomes the Freedom Riders.

Father Pavone leads the march on Planned Parenthood.

Day Gardner from the National Black Pro-Life Union describes abortion procedures.

"We will end abortion in our day," vows Father Peter West.

A sign tells a powerful truth

Members of the group Crossroads came from all over the country -- and Ireland -- to be part of the Pro-Life Freedom Rides.

Rev. Stephen Broden sings "Victory is Mine."

The media film the protest outside Planned Parenthood

A TV reporter from CBS42 in Birmingham interviews a Freedom Rider.

Father Denis Wilde, OSA, talks about the pro-life vision of the Founding Fathers.

Peggy Hartshorn, executive director of HeartBeat International, describes pregnancy help centers as "the service arm of the pro-life movement."

A prayer is said in front of the Freedom Bus.

Father Frank Pavone and other leaders listen to Jim Pinto
give marching instructions.

A sign across the street from Planned Parenthood

Baby Therese

Father Victor Salomon speaks to the crowd in Spanish

A young pro-lifer cools off with ice cubes on his head.

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