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Christians Throughout Birmingham Gather in Prayer, Praise and Preparation for the July 23-24, 2010 Historic Pro-life Freedom Rides Campaign!

Birmingham Charismatic Conference connects the Power of the Holy Spirit and the Pro-life Movement.  Birmingham Freedom Ride Leadership Team makes final plans to host historic Freedom Rides Campaign. Living Church Ministries takes ownership and leadership of the Pro-life Freedom Rides Campaign. For more information on the Pro-life Freedom Rides Campaign,

Pauline and Demetrics Roscoe have co-pastored Living Church Ministries for over 30 years and are holy witnesses to the Gospel of Life.

Jim leading final week meeting with leadership team.

Living Church Singers Praise the Lord during Sunday worship and will sing at the Pro-life Freedom Rides Assembly, Friday July 23rd.

It is a joy to work with dedicated leaders committed to the Pro-life Freedom Rides Campaign

Bishop Demetrics Roscoe has welcomed the Campaign from the first moment he heard of it and has mobilized his Church to participate in every way possible.

Jim Pinto with members of the Charismatic Servant Team, Left- Jacqueline Smoke and Right-Dolores Hicks.

Diverse Leadership Team United in Jesus and the Pro-life Freedom Rides Campaign vision.

Jim Pinto addresses the Birmingham Charismatic Conference on the Holy Spirit, Power for ministry and the Pro-life Freedom Rides Campaign.

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