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Fr. Denis Wilde, OSA teaches students to advance the culture of life through debate

Fr. Denis Wilde

May 24, 2010  

Upon his return to the Philadelphia area on Pentecost Sunday, Fr. Denis Wilde drove out on the Main Line to speak to the boys of Devon Preparatory School on Monday.  The school, run by the Piarist Fathers, typically sends over 200 of its 7th to 12th grade students to the annual March for Life each January in Washington, DC.  The young men there are very familiar with the values of defending innocent life. 

Fr. Wilde gave general pro-life presentations to both the lower classmen and the seniors.  Afterwards, he returned to the classrooms and briefed the students on debating skills.  Judging by their learned questions and hearty participation, these young men are eager and ready to advance the Culture of Life.


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