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People Across Racial Lines and Faith Traditions Pledge to Make the Pro-life Freedom Rides a Reality in Birmingham, July 23-24

Jim Pinto, MEV, met with pro-life leaders in Alabama about the pro-life freedom rides. 

He then attended a Pregnancy Resource Center fundraiser where he again received support for the Pro-Life Freedom rides.

Jim also proclaimed the Gospel of Life and mobilized Living Church Ministries, Birmingham/Titusville Alabama. Co-Pastors, Demetrics and Pauline Roscoe and their wonderful congregation are playing a central role in the upcoming Freedom Rides. The Freedom Ride Anthem, “The Least of These” was introduced to the congregation with worship team desirous to lead citywide choir to perform anthem during the July 23rd Pro-life Freedom Ride Assembly.

For more information and how you may participate,

Jim Pinto (center) flanked by Pauline and Demetrics Roscoe, Pastors of Living Church Ministries.

Living Church Ministry Worship Team leading the congregation in praise to the Lord.

Leaders in Support of Pro-Life Freedom Rides:

Lt. to Right: Dolores Milazzo Hicks, Network Newspaper. Paul Hughes, Kingdom Forerunners. Lee John Bruno, United for Life Foundation. Hughes, Tim James, Businessman and Gubernatorial Candidate. Cheryl Ciamarra, Focus On Life Radio Host. Hank Stickley, Catholic Men’s Fellowship. Jim Pinto, MEV.

Her Choice Birmingham Women’s Center Golf Fore Life Fundraiser.

Jim Pinto with the Leadership Team that Sponsored the Pro-life Fundraiser and welcomed the promotion of the Pro-Life Freedom Rides. Lt. to Rt.: Geree Martin, Jim Pinto, MEV, Joy Pinto: Executive Director, HCBWC, Michele and David Raia.

Jim Pinto with Valerie Harris and Latasha McPherson—Worship Leaders who will assist in gathering musicians and singers from throughout Birmingham to perform "The Least of These."

As The Least of These anthem recording is played, Jim Pinto leads congregation in the song.

Jim prayers over some of the music/worship leaders of the Church who have stepped forward to help mobilize musicians and singers to offer their gifts during the Pro-life Freedom Rides Assembly, July 23.

Jim Pinto proclaiming that the basis for racial reconciliation, pro-life mission and ministry to the least, is sacredness of the human person.

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