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Silent No More Awareness women witness at Columbia University Campus - April 8, 2010

Mary Kominski and Theresa Bonapartis spoke on behalf of Silent No More at Columbia University in New York.  They were in the middle of the main quad and speaking about abortion and its after effects on women, men and society as well as entertaining questions.  They were invited by the Columbia Students for Life group.

After the event Mary wrote this update.....

Thank you from myself and Theresa for all your was no doubt a "den of iniquity" today on the campus, but I am happy to report that God is alive and well!  The power of your prayers was so needed and appreciated today and it would not have made the day go as smoothly as it did without them.  It is so evident when you participate in something like this knowing you are not alone. 

As you might know, Columbia is a a very "pro-choice" and vocal about it campus. Although they are not really about choice because they don't want anyone to have an opposing view.  We had our screamers, hecklers and quiet oppostion but nothing got out of hand with the police present.  There is not much to say when you hear a personal testimony and you really don't want to argue about the politics.  We are women speaking to others on behalf of many who feel the same way.  Abortion hurts women, men, relationships and of course innocent children.  It is a human rights issue that has a rippling effect on our society.  No one can refute our experience with it. 

We spoke to those intently listening, agitated or just passing by.  There were so many uneducated about this in such a supposedly premier academic setting.  Yet the small Pro Life group were so joyful, commited and so happy to be able to offer this event with us.  When you see such a small group in that large a venue, it gives you hope that anything is possible.  The leader Mary, was just accepted to Mt. Sinai medical school and I know she will have a huge impact there....the message is hope and we saw and felt a lot of that today. 

Keep praying...and thank you again! 


On a clear spring day, members of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign gathered to share testimonies and information at Columbia University in New York.

Several Columbia students showed interest in the SNMA message.

Theresa Bonapartis (left) and Mary Kominsky shared their abortion experiences on campus.

Students at the info table.

After the event, Theresa and Mary talked with Columbia students.

Columbia students wanted more SNMA info.

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