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Bishop Stika leads 18 in lifetime promises as Lay Missionaries of the Gospel of Life

Historic Missionaries of the Gospel of Life Ceremony in Knoxville, Tennessee, as The Most Rev. Richard F. Stika, Bishop of Knoxville, leads eighteen of his flock (largest number to make promises) including two deacons associates in Lifetime Professions

The ceremony was conducted in the midst of the Holy Eucharist on the Memorial of the Presentation of Mary at Sacred Heart Cathedral in the Diocese of Knoxville, TN, November 21, 2009 (9:30 AM) 16 MEV-Lay Associates and 2 MEV-Deacon Associates made professions.

Click here for a letter from Bishop Stika recognizing the efforts of MEVs in his diocese - (PDF)

Shown are 14 of 18 who made promises: Sandi Davidson, Eileen Casey, Ester Golightly, Karen Lhotka, Mary Phelan, Peggy Humphreys, Deb Maupin, Bonner Frye, Robb Morris, Lisa Morris, Cindy Kedrowski, Kristie Hopwood, Mike Colicchio and Paul Simoneau. The two deacons (Deacon Mike Gouge and Deacon Gordy Lowery), Fran Lowery and Lorie Weeden are outside the field of view to the left of Sandi.

Sandi Davidson, Director of Pregnancy Help Services for Catholic Charities of East Tennessee, receiving her MEV pin from Bishop Richard F. Stika

Post Ceremony Photo, Sacred Heart Cathedral, Knoxville, TN

Front row L to R: Mary Phelan, Sandi Davidson, Lisa Morris, Lorie Weeden, Fr. John O'Neill, Jim Pinto

Second row L to R: Cindy Kedrowski, Kristie Hopwood, Deacon Mike Gouge, Bishop Richard Stika, Deacon Gordy Lowery, Fran Lowery, Bonner Frye

Third row L to R: Karen Lhotka, Ester Golightly, Deb Maupin, Robb Morris, Peggy Humphreys and Paul Simonea(absent Mike Colicchio)

Deacon Mike Gouge on the left, and Deacon Gordy Lowery to the right. Deacon Gouge was the first Deacon in the U.S. to make his promises

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