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Fr. Scott Daniels in Gastonia, NC - October 23-25, 2009

Gastonia, North Carolina, was Fr. Scott Daniels' destination October 23rd for a Pro-Life Parish Weekend at St. Michael's Catholic Church.  Early Saturday morning, Fr. Scott was driven by Deacon Art Kingsley and his wife Rosemary to Charlotte for a prayer vigil in front of an abortion mill.  They were joined there by other members of St. Michael's as well as folks from St. Ann's in Charlotte, who were there with their pastor, Fr. Timothy Reid.

Presiding and preaching at three weekend Masses, Fr. Scott delivered a homily on human blindness - not just physical blindness, but blindness of the spirit.  He noted that when we make choices that fix our lives in habitual sin, we darken our intellect.  This particularly happens with the sin of abortion and the failure to respect the dignity of all persons.

On Sunday morning, Fr. Scott addressed parishioners at a "Dogma and Donuts" meeting, explaining how the refusal to obey Church teaching - as found in Humanae Vitae, Casti Cannubi, and Evangelium Vitae - has led to family breakdown and, subsequently, the sin of abortion.  After lunch that day, Fr. Scott spoke to the youth of the parish, reminding them that they are the future; that God will make use of their love and gifts to end the taking of unborn babies' lives.


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