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James Pinto, Jr., MEV in Florida, September 28-29, 2009

From our Knees in Adoration of Life Himself to Pensacola Abortion Mill Proclaiming the Lord of Life!

September 28-29, 2009 (St. Rose of Lima Catholic, Milton Fl. and Community Health Care Center – Abortion Mill, Pensacola, Fl.)

Jim Pinto encouraged youth and young adults to recognize that the same Jesus we embrace at Eucharistic Adoration is the same One we proclaim at the gates of hell – abortion mills of our cites.  He gave the reflection during Eucharistic Adoration, St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church, Milton, Florida. and encouraged 40 Days Vigil participants with the reading and sharing of holy scripture and intercessory prayer on behalf of the Gospel of Life.

Jim Pinto gathers with Vigil Witnesses at Community Health Care Center (Abortion Mill). Two confirmed turn arounds have already taken place in the first week of the 40 Days for Life Pensacola campaign!

Jim Pinto with worship leaders, Adam and Lori Ubowski, members of “Outer Darkness Music.”

Jim Pinto with Valerie Schumm, Director of Alpha Pregnancy Resource Center, Pensacola, Fl. Alpha has been offering help to women since 1973.

Jim with Bernadette Ensley, Director of Students for Life, University of West Florida

Jesus is Adored in Eucharistic Adoration

Director of Pensacola 40 Days for Life and Missionary of the Gospel of Life, Ernie Cyr and wife, Mary Beth, MEV, with daughter, Therese. Cyr Children: Jacqueline, Brendan and Aiden

Jim Pinto, MEV, proclaims Pro-life Spirituality and calls worshippers to compassionate action at Pensacola Abortion Sites

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