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Jim Pinto mobilizes parishes and pro-life activists in Alabama - September 2009

Jim Pinto proclaimed the Gospel of Life and mobilized several parishes, Crisis Pregnancy Center and 40 Days for Life Leaders at Church of the Good Shepherd Catholic Church, Huntsville Alabama, September 24, 2009.

Good Shepherd’s Pro-Life Committee has rescued over 20 babies from abortion and has given compassionate support to their mothers. They are an example and inspiration of what Parish Pro-life Committees can do.



Diane Sorrell with Jim Pinto, presents her Cajun Pro-life Bumper Sticker: YA MAMA, WAS PRO-LIFE, DAWLIN!

Jim “Demonstrates” the Gospel of Life: Jim holds baby, Owynne, as mother, Kaitlyn, proudly looks on.

Giselle Dyer, MEV and Sandra Tomasella (Good Shepherd Pro-life Committee)

Sponsors and Attendees with Jim Pinto: Allan Dyer, Gary Gilino, Jim Pinto, Cheryl Eberhardt, Matt Boeneker and Major Fecteau

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