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Fr. Wilde walks for life in Kentucky - September 26, 2009

Central Kentucky Right to Life invited Fr. Wilde to Speak at the Kentucky 2009 Walk for Life on the Weekend of September 26, 2009.  Fr. Wilde also conducted a Parish weekend, preaching at all Masses at Mary, Queen of the Holy Rosary Church.

Preparing tee shirts for annual walk for life in Lexington KY

Silent No More Awareness Campaign participants, Kathy Rutledge and Sr Georgette Andrade.

Fr Denis Wilde with Bishop Gainer of Lexington Diocese, wearing respect life shirt for the walk for life Saturday in Lexington.

Fr Wilde with Hilda Pullen and Maddie and Austin Buncher at the walk for life.

Fr Wilde with Wildcat Collegians of U Kentucky also at walk for life.

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