Dear Friends of Life, Welcome to another edition of Frontlines!

Jim Pinto, MEV, Rallies the City of Birmingham for 40 Days for Life!

The Birmingham, AL 40 Days for Life Kickoff Rally, Fullness Christian Fellowship, Sept. 22, 2009. 

The Kickoff  Rally featured strong pro-life teaching, intercessory prayer, Christian unity and call to compassionate action on behalf of the Gospel of Life. 

Missionaries of the Gospel of Life and Birmingham Pro-life Leaders: Lee John Bruno, Joy Pinto and Cheryl Ciamarra

Natalie Farber, Bound 4 Life, witnesses to the vision and call of 40 Days for Life

Jim Pinto, MEV, Natalie Farber (Bound 4 Life) Paul Hughes (Birmingham Prayer Furnace) Ronnie Bruce (WDJC Birmingham)

D Watts: Shares song she has written as a result of her post abortion healing experience, Voice of the Voiceless

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