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Fr. Denis Wilde, OSA brings the Gospel of Life to the Faithful of Philadelphia

Augustinian Father Nick Martorano (left), Pastor of St Nicholas of Tolentine Church in South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, welcomed Fr. Denis Wilde, OSA not only to a Priests for Life mission Sunday for the parish but to his new residence in the Augustinian Community which staff the parish.

Father Denis had an opportunity to bone up on his Italian from days of study in Rome as well as promote the Pro-Life message among these faithful pro-life people. This week-end in particular he reflected the strong comments of Cardinal Rigali, who is not only the local Archbishop of Philadelphia, but speaks for the USCCB in matters of Respect for Life. He has been asking the flock to become aware and respond to the pro-death pitfalls of abortion, embryonic stem cell destruction and euthanasia that are specifics of the proposed legislation.


Fr Wilde carrying Gospel Book at St Nicholas of Tolentine Church 5PM Saturday Vigil Mass, August 22

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