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Fr. West in Wisconsin, August 8-9, 2009

August 8-9, 2009

Fr. West travelled to the popular Midwest vacation spot Wisconsin Dells to preach at six Masses at St. Cecilia Catholic Church.  After speaking of how the Eucharist commits us to building a culture of life, he met a mother who was told after her doctor performed an ultrasound examination that her baby would be born severely handicapped with either Down syndrome or Trisomy 18.  As the woman spoke of the tremendous pressure her doctor had placed on her to abort, she held that very same perfectly healthy baby in her arms.

After the 10:00 AM Mass, Father West received the promises of Sheila Rassman, who was visiting from Iowa, as a Missionary of the Gospel of Life Lay Associate.  On Sunday afternoon, he enjoyed lunch with Msgr. Felix G. Oehrlein, Fr. Arnold Reuter, and Msgr. John Hebl, all strong supporters of Priests for Life.



Fr. Peter and Sheil Rassman

Fr. Peter plays soccer with the kids

Sheila Rassman and family

Fr. Peter accepts Sheila's promises as a Missioinary of the Gospel of Life Lay Associate

St. Cecilia Church

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