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Fr. Frank Pavone at Notre Dame - May 17, 2009

Fr. Frank Pavone led an alternate commencenent ceremony for graduates at Notre Dame who boycotted their commencement, refusing to honor Barack Obama.  The day started off with an interview with FoxNews and other media.  Fr. Frank then celebrated Mass with his fellow priests.  After Mass was the rally in the South Quad followd by a prayer service and alternate commencement ceremony.

Read Fr. Frank's column about this event at

Fr. Frank with Michelle and Andrew, graduates who helped organize the alternate commencement ceremony to which they invited Fr. Frank

Fr. Frank getting ready for FoxNews Sunday interview

Fr. Frank with Fr. McBrien, whom Fr. Frank debated on FoxNews Sunday

Fr. Kevin from Notre Dame and Fr. Frank discuss the ceremony

Fr. Frank giving a media interview

Alternative Commencement and prayer service in the Grotto

In the morning, pro-life activists from around the Country began arriving on Campus to take part in the alternate commencement ceremony

Mark Harrington of the Center for Bioethical Reform (CBR) outside of a Campus entrance. Fr. Frank is on the Board of CBR.

Fr. Frank greets people after the service

The midday rally in the South Quad

Fr. Frank lights a candle and prays before the alternate commencement ceremony

Fr. Pavone with Son Rise Morning Show News Director Anna Mitchell.

Pro-Life students used this symbol on their caps to show their pro-life conviction

Fr. Corapi and Fr. Frank before Mass

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