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Jim Pinto, Jr., MEV in Arkansas - April 2009

Jim Pinto, MEV Proclaims the Gospel of Life in two Catholic Sanctuaries and two Abortuaries-Little Rock, Arkansas-April 3-4, 2009.  The People of Life were equipped for the work of ministry in Catholic Churches and on the streets in front of two area abortion mills. The Little Rock 40 Days campaign has seen at least six confirmed saves of babies and moms scheduled for abortion.

Jim and 40 Days for Life vigil participants of varied ages and Christian traditions gather for a group picture

Jim gives on site seminar on sidewalk counseling

Jim and sidewalk counselor, Maria, plead with father of baby scheduled for abortion to re-enter the abortuary and rescue the mother and child from abortion. He made an attempt to save his child and the mother, but was too late. Post abortion healing and Christian love were extended to the father and mother and special prayer offered for the baby.

Little Rock 40 Days for Life vigil participants pray across from an abortion mill and witnesses to thousands driving by

Jim proclaiming the Gospel of Life and the right of assembly near the entry of area abortion mill

Mary Pate and Suzanne Carter, leaders of the Little Rock 40 Days, witnessing for life in the public square.

Jim Listens to Marti Haslauer, Organizer of 40 Days for Life-Little Rock. Marti is holding her youngest child, Paul, who was among the youngest participants in the campaign-the future of the Pro-life Movement is in good hands.

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