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Catholic Press Association - May 2008

At the Catholic Press Association Convention, Janet Morana presented the Bernardin-O-Connor Award for Pro-Life Journalism to the following winners:

Best Human Interest Pro-Life Story for 2007: Local Priest 'Gets Out of Boat’ for Unwed Mothers:  Awarded to Henrietta Gomes at the Arlington Catholic Herald (Diocese of Arlington, VA) - March 1, 2007 Issue

Best Pro-Life News Story for 2007: Disturbing Images ‘Focus Americans’ on Injustice of Abortion: Awarded to Michael Wojcik at The Beacon (Diocese of Paterson, NJ) - March 22, 2007 Issue

Best Overall Pro-Life Feature for 2007: Men of Birthline Program Helps New Dads: Awarded to Sue Schulzetenberg at the Saint Cloud Visitor (Diocese of Saint Cloud, MN) - December 13, 2007 Issue.

Henrietta Gomes (center) holding her award.

Sue Schulzetenberg (left) holding her award.

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