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Silent No More Gathering, Family Planning Associates Abortion Clinic, Montclair, California, January 2007

On January 27, 2007, seventeen women lined the sidewalk around the Family Planning Associates abortion clinic in Montclair, California, holding signs the read, “I Regret My Abortion.” One man held a sign that read, “I Regret Lost Fatherhood.” In addition, a few regular sidewalk counselors and prayer warriors were present that day. Because of the courageous women and man representing Silent No More, and because of the faithful sidewalk counselors and prayer warriors, a baby’s life was saved that day. A 15-year old girl was brought to the clinic by her boyfriend. A sidewalk counselor was able to get the car to stop in the driveway. One of the Silent No More women observed the young girl crying. The women told the girl she didn’t have to do this and that we wanted to help her. The car pulled into the parking lot and when the young girl exited the car she was in tears and clearly conflicted. We were praying and motioned her to come over and speak to us. She eventually walked over to us and embraced the Silent No More woman who first talked with her. They both began to cry. She spoke with several of us while her boyfriend was counseled by a male sidewalk counselor. The young girl decided to keep her baby and went to lunch with several of us. The boyfriend went home. The young girl told us that when she saw the signs, she knew she’d be holding one someday if she had the abortion. One of the Silent No More women mentored her through her pregnancy and thanks be to God, some of us got to meet baby Michael after he was born. Praise God for using all of us to save baby Michael and for sparing Mom the aftermath of abortion. The young girl’s mother did not originally know she was pregnant, and when she found out her grandchild was almost aborted, but his life was spared, she was so thankful that we were there that day to intervene on her grandchild’s behalf.

Participants line the sidewalk in front of the abortion clinic

The young girl listens to a couple of women

Bettina holds a sign along with her newly born baby in the stroller

The young girl is surrounded by caring women as Bettina shows the young girl her newly born baby. She is touched.

The young girl and Lisa embrace and cry together

Mom and baby Michael

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