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Janet Morana on Fox News Channel - August 22, 2013

The senseless shooting of an Australian baseball player allegedly at the hands of three bored teenagers in Oklahoma was the subject of a Fox News Channel segment on August 22, 2013. Priests for Life Executive Director Janet Morana, author of “Recall Abortion,” joined a child  psychologist and a rabbi to discuss the incident and what it says about how our society devalues human life. Shannon Bream anchored.

Janet Morana on a Fox News panel discussing the murder of a young man in Oklahoma.

Janet Morana with Fox legal analyst Jeanine Pirro and Rabbi Aryeh Spero.

Janet Morana in the Green Room at Fox in Manhattan.

Janet Morana presents a copy of her book, "Recall Abortion" to Fox legal analyst Jeanine Pirro.

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