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Some Recent Travels of Fr. Denis Wilde, O.S.A, Priest Associate!
Fr. Denis Wilde, O.S.A. has been traveling the Country.  Here are highlights of just a few of his recent trips. 

On October 5-8, Fr. Wilde traveled to Syracuse, NY.  He preached at Holy Family Parish in Fairmont, visited two schools and spoke to over 500 students, prayed at an abortion mill, and met with several priests and government officials including State Senator John DeFrancisco.

On September 25, Fr. Wilde joined the 40 Days for Life kickoff rally at Farragut Square in Washington D.C. The rally was also attended by Norma McCorvey.  The rally was followed by a candlelight vigil to Planned Parenthood.

On August 11-12, Fr. Wilde visited Burlington, WI and preached at all Masses at St. Mary's Church.

Fr. Denis Wilde, O.S.A. preaching in Burlington, WI

Fr. Denis speaking to over 500 students in Syracuse

Planned Parenthood in Syaracuse, NY - the first in the United States.

Fr. Denis Wilde, O.S.A. and Norma McCorvey at the 40 Days for Life kickoff Rally in Washington, DC

The Planned Parenthood mill in Washington, DC

Norma McCorvey

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