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Fr. Frank Kicks off 40 Day for Life in Amarillo, TX

Fr. Frank Pavone led the kick off rally for 40 Days for Life in Amarillo, Texas on September 26, 2007.  Fr. Frank and our other Priests and Pastoral have been leading similar rallies across the country.

Alveda King in Sarasota, FL – September 22, 2007
Fr. Wilde in Washington, DC – September 25, 2007

Fr. Frank in Amarillo, TX – September 26, 2007

Fr. Frank in Charleston, SC – October 28, 2007
Fr. Peter West in Houston, TX - September 26, 2007
Fr. Frank Pavone in Chicago, IL - September 26, 2007 [see frontlines for this event]

Fr. John Fantos, Fr. Frank Pavone and Msgr. Kal Stalter

Fr. Frank being interviewed by a local TV station

Fr. Frank leading the rally with words of wisdom

Sr. Miriam Grady, DLJC interviewing Fr Frank


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