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“In our present times there is an urgent need to promote a culture of life and also to undertake direct actions that help protect the life of the weakest, especially the unborn. For that reason the work done by ‘Priests for Life’ deserves the gratitude and support of the whole Church.”

- Cardinal Stanislaw Rylko, President, Pontifical Council for the Laity, Vatican City State, June 7, 2011.

Dear Friends,

Priests for Life is on the front lines of the effort to end abortion, and to energize the Church at all levels in this task. Our financial support comes entirely from people like you!  We do not receive monetary support from diocesan or national Church structures.

I need your help today, and so do the unborn. Thank you in advance.

Fr. Frank Pavone, MEV

Fr. Frank Pavone
National Director, Priests for Life

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God bless you for your kindness!  

August 18, 2015


My book – “Abolishing Abortion” – was released TODAY!

And if all goes according to plan, today is the day we land a knockout punch on the chin of the abortion industry. Which is why I’ve sent you this terribly urgent and important email.

Here’s what I’m hoping you will do in reply:

Make a much-needed contribution to Priests for Life so we can send a copy of “Abolishing Abortion” to every bishop, priest, seminarian, deacon and diocesan Pro-life Director in the country. 

That’s roughly 60,011 books!

It will cost just over half a million dollars – $540,099 to be precise – to complete this project. 

And there’s absolutely no way we can do this without you and the rest of the Priests for Life family taking ownership of the project and doing the heavy lifting required to make it happen.

But before you decide how best to help, let me tell you about the book and why I’m convinced “Abolishing Abortion” can have a major impact in our fight to make abortion, not merely illegal, but even more importantly, unthinkable.

For one thing, this is not just another book about abortion.  Rather …


Through its 220 pages I reveal the heart and core of my passion to end child killing in the hope that I can pass that passion along to others. 

That’s because “Abolishing Abortion” goes to the core of what we have to do to end abortion.

  • It calls upon both the church and the state to rise up to their responsibilities towards protecting children in the womb.
  • It openly and honestly discusses the failures of both the state and the church in this regard.
  • And it offers practical solutions, strategies, and steps forward that you and every pro-life activist in the country can take to end the greatest evil of our day.

But that’s not all. 

“Abolishing Abortion” will strike a chord with everyone who’s frustrated with how little our churches do about elections and politics. 

You’re probably among this group of pro-life warriors. 

And you, like me, are probably tired of hearing the whining about losing our tax-exempt status.

Well let me tell you, there are some hard-hitting chapters in “Abolishing Abortion” where I challenge Church officials to come clean with the laity and explain their unfounded fear of the IRS.

Once members of the clergy read “Abolishing Abortion” they’ll have no more excuses.  Even more importantly, they’ll have all the ammunition they need to get actively involved in the nation’s political system – including the distribution of voter guides and other election-related projects – so that parishioners can use the political process to advance the cause of LIFE in America.

That’s because my book is loaded with facts.  For example, Chapter 7 – “Proof of Passivity” – is loaded with documentation – memos, letters and what have you – that Church bureaucrats sent to parishes about what was legal when it comes to election activity.  For the most part, those bureaucrats GOT IT WRONG!!!  Some did so through negligence.  Others because they support other agendas.  Most out of sheer ignorance.  

But no matter the reason, “Abolishing Abortion” rips the cover off these directives and makes it impossible for any bishop, priest, diocesan expert or deacon to remove himself from the abortion battlefield.

This is especially important now that the Supreme Court has shown its hand and could conceivably make it easier for the government to not only silence pro-life leaders like myself, but to force us to comply with its efforts to expand abortion.

Of course, it goes without saying that Priests for Life will never submit to such an order.

Still, how many pro-life leaders and organizations will be able and willing to do that? 

All of which is why it’s more important than ever that we convince our Church leaders here in the U.S. to leave their comfort zones and join us on the field of battle. 

And “Abolishing Abortion” has the tactics and strategies that will empower them do that.

How do I know? 

Because of what people are saying about my book.  For example, not long ago I was with my friend Norma McCorvey.  You’ll probably remember that Norma is the “Jane Roe” plaintiff of the 1973 Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court case that legalized abortion in 1973.  After I gave her “Abolishing Abortion” Norma said:

“Fr. Frank Pavone has been my friend since 1995 and was the catalyst that brought me into the Catholic Church. He is a guide for our movement. I pray that Church leaders and their congregations will follow his message in his new book, ‘Abolishing Abortion’.”

You can click on this link to read more comments about my book.

But there’s one I want to emphasize.  It’s from Teresa Tomeo who – along with Janet Morana, the Executive Director of Priests for Life – co-hosts The Catholic View for Women.  Teresa wrote:

“This book is a light in the darkness of the culture of death.  It pierces the fog which the abortion industry, and those who aid and abet them, try to cast over our nation and over the Church. When you read Abolishing Abortion, you will come away not only saying, ‘No more excuses’ but ‘what can I do to make a difference?’”

That last point Teresa makes is important because “Abolishing Abortion” itemizes no fewer than TWENTY DIFFERENT things you and your fellow pro-life champions can do right now to help win the fight against abortion.  These recommendations come from my thirty plus years of fighting the abortion industry and all those who help perpetuate its lies – whether knowingly or unknowingly. 

Again, though, the key to maximizing the impact and effectiveness of “Abolishing Abortion” lies with our Church leaders.  Which is why I go great lengths to point out the mistakes Church leaders have made in the past, while at the same time exhorting these leaders that there’s still time – but just barely – for them to get out there and lead the People of LIFE to victory.

They’ve got to ACT NOW if they’re going to do as God calls them to do and be leaders in this fight.

Which is why it’s so important for us to send copies of “Abolishing Abortion” to every bishop, priest, deacon, seminarian and diocesan pro-life director in the country.  All 60,011 of them!

I told you the total cost to do this is over half a million dollars.  Realizing that’s too much to do at one time, I’ve broken the project into segments.  The first of which is to send copies of “Abolishing Abortion” to the 3,228 priests who’ve been the most actively involved with me and Priests for Life for the past several years.  These men are totally committed to the fight and will use “Abolishing Abortion” as a guide on how to bring their parishioners into the fray.

At $9 to purchase and ship each book, that comes to a more manageable $29,052.

The gift I’m counting on you to make today will allow Priests for Life to send “Abolishing Abortion” to some of these 3,228 engaged pro-life priests.

Once we’ve sent books to all these priests, we’ll get started on the next wave, which will include our nation’s several hundred active and retired bishops, as well as more priests.

I cannot adequately tell you how excited I am about the impact “Abolishing Abortion” can have on our mission to end America’s abortion holocaust and stop the killing.  The key, though, is activating the clergy.  And for us to do that I turn to you and the Priests for Life family.

I know you will do as you’ve always done; which is why I’m so optimistic about the prospects of this project and so confident for its success. 

It’s also why I remember you at each Mass that I offer; as do all the priests of Priests for Life.  I look forward to hearing from you in the next few days and pray that God continue to bless you in your pro-life vocation.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director
Priests for Life and Gospel of Life Ministries


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