Today’s Pro-Life Reflection: Life is joyful …

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This reflection is taken from my book, Pro-Life Reflections for Every Day, which is available for purchase at:

“We are…sorrowful, yet we are always rejoicing” (2 Corinthians 6:8,10).

Reflection: Life is joyful, and defending life is a mission that should be carried out with joy. We seek to foster, in ourselves and others, a “joyful sorrow,” that is, a spirit that is always mourning because of its keen awareness of the ongoing, unseen destruction of human life, and at the same time, is always serene and rejoicing that death has been conquered by Jesus Christ, who is Risen and is with us at all times.

Prayer: Father, give us sorrow over the evils in the world, and joy as we fight them in union with you. Amen.

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