Get to know the presidential candidates by watching debates!

DebateFellow Pro-Lifer,

As we continue in this election year, we are going to point out to our Priests for Life family the various ways we can become better informed about the candidates, and urge others to do the same.

As one of those ways, I urge you to watch the upcoming presidential debates tonight, February 4 and Saturday, February 6 to get to know more about the candidates so when it’s time to vote in the primaries you will be prepared.  The information is as follows:

Democratic Presidential Primary Debate TV: MSNBC, 9:00 PM Eastern on Thursday, February 04 Live Stream:

Republican Presidential Primary Debate TV: ABC, 8:00 PM Eastern on Saturday, February 6 Live Stream:

And please invite others to watch.  Much is at stake in the elections of 2016, including the makeup of the Supreme Court, and we need active and informed voters.

On our Priests for Life website, we have a calendar of events for Elections 2016 that we are constantly updating and that you can refer to for more information as the year progresses.

I would be interested to know what you think of the candidates and their messages after the debate.  You can send me a message right on the form at the top of On that form you can also let me know what kind of elections activities you are involved in or how we may help you become more involved.

As we know, prayer is key!  So I urge you to join us for a Prayer for our Nation as we Prepare to Elect our Leaders and order prayer cards for your friends, family and parish.

Finally, Lent is around the corner so I invite you to also pray with us a Lenten Prayer for Life from February 10- March 24.





Fr. Frank Pavone National Director, Priests for Life

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