Father Frank's Alerts

February 11, 2013
Dear Friends,
Jennifer Leigh Morbelli, a 29-year-old kindergarten teacher from White Plains, New York is dead. 
So is her baby girl, Madison Leigh.
Their killer is the abortionist LeRoy Carhart.
Jennifer is not the first woman this butcher is responsible for killing.  In 2005, another one of his patients died from complications following an abortion procedure.  She was a 19-year old girl named Christin Gilbert.
How many more women – and babies! – will the medical authorities in Maryland allow this man to kill before they act?
Hopefully none.
But that really depends on you and every other pro-life activist in the nation.
To do all you can to stop this butcher from killing more women and children:
Click here
This will take you to the Priests for Life website where we have set up an easy way for you to register your outrage with the Maryland Board of Physicians!
These individuals have the blood of Jennifer Morbelli and her daughter on their hands.
If they had acted justly when informed of LeRoy Carhart’s past, both she and her daughter would be alive today.
So take a few minutes right now to make your voice heard.  
Just CLICK HERE and you will be re-directed to the special page on the Priests for Life website where you sign an email to the Board.
In your email be sure to remind the Board that it had the chance to keep this butcher out of Maryland a couple years ago BUT FAILED TO TAKE THE NECESSARY ACTION TO DO SO!
Tell the Board’s members that they must right the wrong they committed in 2011.  
... before LeRoy Carhart can kill one more person.
Immediately after you do that, forward this email to everyone in your email contact list. Include a personal note urging them join you in this protest.  We need as many people speaking out as we can muster! 
You need to make your voice heard.  You need to do so for Jennifer.  For Christin.  For all the women who entrust their lives to this callous man.  And for all the fully developed, innocent babies this man has killed and will kill in the future.
The real tragedy of Jennifer Morbelli’s death is that it could have been prevented.
When LeRoy Carhart applied for a medical license in Maryland back in 2010, Priests for Life and Operation Rescue joined forces to have the Maryland Board of Physicians reject his application.
Reams of documents were sent to the Medical Board.  Including the fact that Carhart falsified the information he gave the Board on his application.  
In a letter sent to Cheryl Sullenger at Operation Rescue – the person who did most of the research on Carhart and filed a 91-page complaint – the Board washed its hands of the matter.  The telling sentence is this:
“Following a careful review of the matter, the Board voted to resolve this case by issuing an Advisory Letter to the above-mentioned physician [LeRoy Carhart].”
As a direct result of the Maryland Board of Physicians’ “careful review” and total inaction ...
... Jennifer Morbelli and her baby are dead!
Now it’s time to hold that Board of Physicians accountable!  
And to demand that it revoke Carhart’s license before he kills any more people!
But that won’t happen unless you take action RIGHT NOW!
You and all the People of Life in America.
And remember to forward this to everyone on your email list and ask them to join you in this cause.
The louder our voice, the better our chances of stopping this man from killing more women and babies.
Thank you.  God bless you.  And please pray for the repose of the soul of Jennifer Morbelli and ask our merciful Father to comfort her grieving family.  
Fr. Frank Pavone
Fr. Frank Pavone 
National Director, Priests for Life
P.S. This is the type of immediate action Priests for Life must take if we are to win victory over abortion in America.  But we are only able to do so thanks to the support and active participation of you and other Priests for Life supporters.  To help make it possible for Priests for Life to conduct campaigns such as this one, please click here and be as generous as you can.

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